Just had a job interview for a position that REALLY would elevate my desires in my next career. My nerves crept in OUT OF NO WHERE. Partially because I thought I scheduled this interview for 11 and they called at 10. And partially because I had too much caffeine flowing through my system. I also felt like I prepared for all the wrong things. I thought I would be heavily questioned about my previous job… to me it seemed as if they did not care about that. They wanted to know about ME.

HMM. Maybe that’s the key in going after what I want?

Bag Lady

letting go of toxic relationships are extremly hard. espically when you come to the rewlization that the memories you shared with that person are apart of you forever.

Twelve Skills That Will Help You Find Life After Teaching

One thing I love most about teaching was utilizing my platform skills, This was the thing that made me most esxicted about my day.

Those Who Teach

Please help me welcome Ken Ronkowitz, an unretired educator, poet, and prolific blogger who taught middle and high school English in New Jersey* for 25 years before starting a second career in higher education.

In today’s guest post, Ken shares why he left k-12 education, how he found a “parachute” to life after teaching — and the 12 skills that will help you make your own jump.

Strap in and enjoy! 🙂

*Fun (or perhaps not-so-fun) fact: Chris Christie was one of his students.

Jeff Selingo was an editor at The Chronicle of Higher Education, but left to become a book author and columnist, still focusing on colleges. His new book is titled There Is Life After College. The title is not a question — Is there life after college? — but a clear statement that there is an afterlife. That’s the way I view my lifetime…

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To Tarot or Not to Tarot?

This is my current question as I unpack what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience on this earth. I am a proud follower of Christ. I came to this path fully open and called by God. I know this to be absolute truth. Over the past three years I have been exploring my spiritual journey and trying to remain connected to spirit in my daily practices. As a result, I knew that some of the traditional paths in which Christians followed (small group, Sunday service, reading the bible) were not always aligned to what I needed spiritually. I noticed that often times I would experience Christians whom were strong in their religion but clearly weak in their spiritual practices. So a few things I began to embrace were wearing crystals, understanding what it means to connect and talk to your ancestors, astrology, and lastly tarot. Now when it came to crystals, ancestors, and astrology I felt in no way convicted. But recently I have been feeling convicted in the area of utilizing tarot. This conviction started when I moved back into my mothers home recently. But if I truly think about it, I have had small feelings of conviction when it comes to tarot. Now, this is a beautiful tool, and I have beautiful deck but I cant shake the feeling that this may be something God doesn’t want me doing. It’s hard because this deck has helped me tremendously within the last few months discover deeper parts of myself. So I am left to really explore the realm of being a spiritual being having a human experience. giphy.gif

Five Skills Teachers Have That Employers Want

I am desperately trying to revamp my cover letter and resume so I can switch careers and leave the classroom. I want to stay in the education and non-profit world but it’s so hard to break past barriers with close minded HR admin and recruiters.

Those Who Teach

Teachers are some of the most hardworking, patient and reliable workers out there. I know this and other people who’ve taught know this, but if you’re a teacher looking to start over, how can you persuade employers outside education?

Hiring managers often screen out candidates with backgrounds that don’t match the job description exactly, and it’s safest to choose someone with direct experience rather than take a chance on a career changer.

Another hurdle is the “lazy teacher”/”teaching is easy” stereotype, and we’ve all heard the “must be nice to get summers off” line more times than we care to count.

So when people see “teacher” on your resume, they may think all you do is show movies while reading the newspaper in the back of the classroom; or stand at a lectern and drone like Ben Stein; or sing songs about bunnies to an adoring crowd of small…

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When the Creator sends you a reminder.

the pursuit of purpose will always lead back to Joy. The best adult gem that I am learning is that when life gets difficult hold onto your sense of purpose. Find the secret place and indulge. I promise you’ll start seeing the world with rose colored glasses.

So I charge each of you,

We all become so caught up with the pain and hurt of pursing purpose we often

I say that to say, I stumbled upon old computer files that contained papers from my time at Howard University. It is so ironic (ordained , destiny) that among all the days on the Creators green earth today would be the day that I ran across this. Today I screened the documentary “America to Us” for my eighth grade class. We are currently reading about the life of Claudette Colvin and her experiences within education. I thought it would be a perfect documentary to show my students in order to explain the complexities of race and racism. Especially because the stories being told on “America to Us” so closely relate to my own personal narrative.

And it has been a crazy journey since moving to Philly to re-discover a sense of joy and purpose in teaching. This is important to me because I lost sight of it over the past year and half. I am experiencing a very muddy season during this part of my life. Old lessons and new lessons popping up by the day.

In the process of watching this documentary and coming across those old files caused so much Joy to be sparked within me. Seeing those papers led me to a moment in which I remembered how much I love Psychology, and the fact that I can intertwine it with Black culture. Being at Howard during this time was definitely hard, and I was once again in a very muddy season. As I read through my work on The Psychological Auptosy of Sandra Bland, The Humanistic Approach to Kanye West’s Personality, and The Importance of the Black Lives Matters Movement I was instantly triggered into remembering my sense of purpose.

Today I screened the documentary “America to Us” for my eighth grade class. We are currently reading about the life of Claudette Colvin and her experiences within education. I am trying to teach this class of students some very complex ideals about race. In a group of of about 90% Black kids. I am constantly wondering how can I wake them up? I think my educational philosophy stems from the concept of James Baldwin and his teaching. (Education theory)

What is lost when Black bodies take form in white spaces? I had to remind my students that there is always a trade off. There is no clear and or easy answer. But in America we(Black people) must engage with dominate(white) culture to take what we need and move on. What I mean by this is, the fabrics of our country are so interwoven we will almost always choose to play toward the game. Thus we code switch.

On remembering why I moved to Philly…

I was following purpose…

I have been struggling so hard with growing into my mid-twenties that I became lost in career, money, approval from the naysayers, mourning an ex, adjusting into a new city, friendship approval/comparison, and an overall need to prove something. I never took a step back to really weigh each step in my life against the weight of my purpose. In other words, I was not looking at life through the eyes of what the Creator may truly want for me. Thus, making s*** harder on myself.

Life is so much easier when you learn to trust and surrender to the simple notion that… “GOD’S GOT YOU!” No but forreal as connected as I can be to my purpose I still suffer from this irrational fear that EYE have to make it ALL happen by myself. My tiny human brain legit forgets that the creator is all knowing all seeing and always has MY best interest in mind. How silly is it to allow my sense of purpose to be wrapped up, confined, and burdened with the notion it can only exists if EYE create it.

Purpose is the hardest thing to trust sometimes. I am a controller and often times garner tunnel vision so deep that I forget what really matters….JOY. When I allowed my sense of purpose to become contained within boundaries I crippled myself and began thinking about purpose as some false notion that was impossible to obtain. I legit went months, and months, of looking at purpose disguised as lack. This spun into a worldview of worrying and obsessing about every detail and decision. I needed to make about my life. This is so unhealthy, and I charge any person reading this to reflect on the last time you really asked yourself, “Yo, are you good?”, “Are you happy?”, “When is the last time you did something to bring Joy?”

I guess pursuing purpose means trusting the process of becoming. Purpose can’t happen in one night. You cant create purpose on your own. And you cannot put constraints onto purpose. That’s literally telling the universe that you only want abundance on your terms and conditions. IMG_4675

Now, what a silly way to block blessings. Don’t you think?